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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Penguin Times Issue #134 and Upcoming Events

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The Penguin Times

Party Planners Plan Shindig! May 16 – 21
• Curious penguins found a hidden message from penguins planing the upcoming party in this month’s Penguin Style catalog
• The letter is a secret letter from party planners talking about the party
• The part is probably going to be a medieval themes
• An employee from the party said that it is still going to be a surprise
• One employee said the Switchbox 3000 won’t be used at the Stage this time
• The Party starts next week, May 16

The Three Penguin Knights
• The creators of Penguin Style wrote a piece of fiction
• Here is what it says:
Once upon a time, on a snowy island far far away, three penguins that lived there were greatly surprised one day when, instead of shoes and hoodies, they discovered shining suits of armor in the Gift Shop catalog. They marveled at the knightly outfits, wondering what they were for, until one penguin stepped forward and said, “These are the clothes you wear on an adventure.” Just then from out of nowhere, they heard a great noise, like the growling of an enormous belly beneath the snow… To be continued next week…
Writers Needed!
• Three pieces of tape are going across it with the words contest closed on it
• A post-it note says Thank You! For your submissions. Judges are currently selecting winners!
In Focus – Underground Areas
• When a storm hit Club Penguin in July 2007, the glass in the Underground Pool broke by a crab and flooded! We were really worried about the island, but some smart penguins hooked up some hoses to pump out the water. We had a great water party!
• If you wait in the Underground long enough, you’ll see Fluffy, the fish you’ll recognize from Club Penguin’s coins. He’s a thoughtful fella, and likes to keep an eye on swimmers when there’s no lifeguard on duty
• Why not plan your tour around a theme? You could take your group on a mystery tour of areas of Club Penguin they might not know about – like the Underground or the Dojo.
Ask Aunt Arctic
What should I do when I see penguins being mean?
What you do is report the mean penguins, use your ‘ignore list’ to ignore them so they won’t bother you, and set a good example.
Tips and Secrets – Igloo Parties by: Denzo 789, Puppers2007, and Charsui
• Make your igloo into something special like a camp
• Go to town and shout “PARTY AT EXAMPKLE123 ON THE MAP!”
• Give out lots of letters
Reviewed by You – The Club Penguin Times by: Vulpes
• The Club Penguin Times is even better now that you can send in reviews
• The only negative thing is that it comes only once a week!
Upcoming Events
May 9
» ‘Twelfth Fish’ Stage Encore
» New pin hidden
May 16
» New party
May 23
» New furniture catalog
» New pet furniture catalog
» New pin hidden

Billybob has made a post on Club Penguin’s normal blog and also on the Improvement Project’s blog. The one on Club Penguin said this:
– A MASSIVE party!!! (more info later this week)
– New furniture catalog (I heard it will be related to the upcoming party this month!)
– Igloo contest!
– New puffle furniture!
– New books written by some of you!
I love that there is going to be an igloo contest. I have already won a contest by Club Penguin once, which was a clothing contest for best camping gear. In the Improvement Blog, Billybob talks about making it easier for people who have a lot of items, like me, who have troubles finding items they want to wear. That happens to me all the times. The items will be grouped together with tabs



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