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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Penguin Times Issue #131, Town Clock, and Rockhopper

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Penguin Times Issue #131

Migrator Mended
  • In January, Rockhopper’s ship crashed into an iceberg and sank.
  • In February, Gary the Gadget Guy built the submarine called Aqua Grabber to get pieces of the ship.
  • In both February and March, penguins worked around the clock to fix the Migrator
  • In April, penguins finished cleaning the Migrator, and Rockhopper’s return is near
  • The flares worked and Rockhopper is heading full speed ahead in a motorized rowboat (picture below), and when he lands on April 25, a party will begin, celebrating fixing the Migrator
Tower Clock Breaks Down
  • This is the first serious malfunction since the clock was constructed over a year ago
  • One penguin said that too many snowballs were thrown at it
  • The target is missing and everything, like somebody did it on purpose
  • A lot of clocks are also being broken as a result of them being connected to the Clock Tower
  • One penguin said about the Cuckoo Clock, it is funny but alarming
  • When you click on that screen next to the clock, it says out of order
  • There is a picture below
I think, pretty much know 99 percent of what happened. Herbert P. Bear Esq. broke to clock to get back at all of us penguins. He said in the letter that was in the paper last week that “time” was about to run out. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Also, I bet that this will be part of the mission.
New Igloos
  •The new igloos come out tomorrow and Club Penguin gives you tips
  • No garden is complete without a Gnome
  • Vegetables are not only nutritious and delicious, but look fashionable
  • Nothing says Backyard Barbecue like having a backyard
I am personally very excited about tomorrow’s new igloo catalog. I know that the sneak peek had the grass inside the igloo, but in the paper the grass is outside and they say, “backyard.” It would be really cool if they did have the backyard go outside, so you can have another part of you igloo.
In Focus – Beach and Dock
  • Rockhopper always docks at the Beach when he comes to town
  • The Beach is home to the Lighthouse and Rockhopper’s ship – the Migrator, when it’s not at sea
  • Hydro-Hopper is one of the oldest games in Club Penguin. It is located at the Dock
Ask Aunt Arctic
 – Do you make up your questions?
No, I (Aunt Arctic) definitely do not make up the questions. All of the poems, jokes, riddles, and artwork are from you guys.
 – What is going on, I come on the first time and the forest is upside down, now it isn’t?
What happened was when you came on, it was during the April Fool’s Party. When we do this, everything is crazy.
Tips and Secrets – Finding Pins
  • Click your ma to go to certain places such as the Coffee Shop
  • Search upstairs on rooms also
  • Remember to make a search party with your friends
Reviewed By You – Island Fashion
  • What’s Hot: Black jumper (hoodie)
  • What’s Hot: Brown furry boots
  • What’s Hot: Ties
  • Totally In: Red propeller hat
An Unusual Afternoon
  • It is another story type game where you pick words to make a story
  • The words are in a Mancala board
  • This is mine:
  One day I was feeling stressed, so I wandered over to the Stage. There I saw a penguin wearing a parrot on his head. When I asked why, he said, “The only thing riskier than a parrot on your head is a jet pack on your beak.” Not really knowing what that meant, I left and invited Rockhopper to a game of Mancala. What an unusual afternoon.
Upcoming Events
  • April 18: New furniture catalog, new Igloo design, new postcards
  • April 25: Rockhopper and Yarr’s Arrival Party, new pin hidden, new sports catalog

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