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Friday, May 9, 2008

May 16th Medieval Party Sneak Peek

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Billybob has gave us a sneak peek of the May 16th Medieval Party. Here is the picture:

It looks like the picture is showing half of the Night Club and half of the Gift Shop. Billybob also said that he has never seen Club Penguin look so different, I can’t wait till next week!



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Room Sneak Peek, Secret Quarter’s Note, and Mission #7 Award

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Billybob has gave us a sneak peek of the new room. At the start of April, he said that they would make a new room. It isn’t very often that we get a new room. This is going to be awesome. Here is the picture:

Billybob said that if we go on during the weekend (the time of the Rockhopper party) we will hear more about it. I think I know what it is. I think that it is Rockhopper’s Secret Quarters. Since there is no new thing coming out right now and it is already the 23rd, they would have to just give us a room. When the Stage came, it took them almost a month to build it, and right now they aren’t doing anything of making a room. Also, when Rockhopper comes and sees that we rebuilt his ship, he will be so touched that he will say that you guys can go see my Quarters. Plus, look at the picture. They show a railing and some of the stairs, which are made out of wood, the thing the Migrator is made out of. Also, it looks like the floor is just a piece of glass, so you can see the water. I am going to guess that they will release the new room a week from Friday.

 In other news, there is a new note on Rockhopper’s Secret Quarters. It has a telescope on it and it says look through the telescope to see Rockhopper. Also, one of the gifts that you got from the mission does something more. When you click on the body of the fish or any other part on the grey circle, it will open up into a clock. The thing that they give you is a pocket watch. However, it gives you the time that you have, not PST. 


Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Furniture and Igloo Catalogs Leaked Early, Mission #7 Update

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I was able to find a never seen before issue of the Club Penguin’s Furniture and Igloo Catalog. Here is your special sneak peek of both catalogs.

Furniture Catalog

• Ficus Plant, Snake Grass, House Plant Small, House Plant Large, and Flower Planter

Grow Your Own Garden!
• Wheelbarrow, Penguin Lawn Gnome, Picket Fence, Vegetable Garden

• Security Camera

Secret Items
• It is a palm tree, click the palm tree in the title “Plants!”

• It is a cake, and you click the refrigerator

• It is a big-screen TV, and you click the LCD television

Igloo Catalog

Igloo Flooring:
• Phony-Lawn

• Backyard Igloo

I am definitely going to buy this igloo when it comes out tomorrow. This is the best thing that Club Penguin has ever done! I love this! I love how now you can go outside and not just stay inside the igloo. Club Penguin, give yourself a huge round of applause and pat on the back.

In the HQ, on the chalkboard is the message, “GET READY AGENTS! TIME TO INVESTIGATE” This is obviosuly tied to Mission #7, which should be released any day now. Also it is talking about investigating the recently broken Clock Tower.

Update: You can click the images on the sidebar to see the catalogs.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Club Penguin’s New Site and Mega Sneak Peek

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Club Penguin updated their site on Monday, and it is completely different. They completely changed everything around. When you first go to Club Penguin’s site, you’ll see penguins at the Beach with the background showing the Ski Lodge, Sports Shop, Coffee Shop, Night Club, and Gift Shop. There is a penguin playing Hydro-Hopper going by. Also, if you click the spy phone, which is to the right on the lighthouse, a secret agent will reach out and grab it. Plus, you can get to the other parts of the site by hitting the tabs, but if you click on some of the penguins, it will also send you to it. Here what each penguin does:
•Blue Penguin – Shows you a video about Club Penguin
•Orange Penguin – Community page of Club Penguin
•Green/Yellow Penguin – The Green penguin will say what are you doing and then click the yellow penguin to go to the Blog
•Yellow Puffle – Paints the orange penguin
•There are also other things like a brown penguin with a jet pack, a green puffle flying around, etc.
A picture of a new site can be seen below. Billybob and the Club Penguin crew will release more about the item for the penguins that helped with the CPIP next week.

In other news, Billybob gave a huge sneak peek. He showed one of Mission #7, and one of the new Igloo Catalog. The new mission looks awesome. Billybob said that the Club Penguin team is putting the finishing touches on the mission, meaning that we should be able to play it soon, and that there will be a couple of rooms that we have never seen before. Make sure you have done the last two missions, or you won’t be able to do this one. The update can be seen below, it looks like somebody is on an iceberg, off the side of the Beach, not the cove, so this could possibly be a new room. The new Igloo Catalog isn’t a big picture update, but it says a lot about it. What it appears is that they have added a new floor design and that the design is grass. Tell me what you think it is.

Update : The Missions are all added, and my site update on Saturday is finished.


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