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Friday, April 25, 2008

Rockhopper’s Arr-ival Parr-ty, Sports Catalog, and New Pin

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Update: When you click on the room name, you can see what the room looks like.

The new party came out today. It is a really nice party that you all should check out. The only problem is that not a lot of the rooms are decorated, and the ones that are decorated, aren’t that decorated that much. My favorite room is the Dock, I think you’ll agree when you see what I mean. Since this is my first party post, I will tell you how I will do this. I will do this kind of like the way I do the newspaper and catalogs. I will say the room, and then say how it is decorated, and what important is in it.

• Balloons tied around the ship
• Ribbon around the ship

• A big wood Rockhopper and Yarr against the Lighthouse
• A Welcome Back sign over the Migrator
• A bucket of Cream Soda
• An anchor
• A treasure chest
• A dotted line going across from the Ski Village to the Dock
I wouldn’t be surprised if he has the key the same way, with the dotted lines and X

Ski Villiage
• The new Pin (move cursor over the X) More details on bottom of this post
• The ski Lodge is now a Pirate Ship
• A dotted line going from the far mountains to the X (the new pin) and the Beach

• A mural of all that happened to Rockhopper’s ship, from it getting hit by an iceberg, G making a idea of the Aqua Grabber, to us penguins playing Aqua Grabber to get the pieces of his ship, and cleaning his ship
• A wooden fence with a sign “Har” brrr! on it
• A treasure chest
• An anchor
• A dotted line from the Beach to the Town

• The Coffee Shop is now Ye Olde Coffee Shop
• The Night Club is now pirate theme
• An open treasure chest with gold and rubies in it
• A dotted line from the Dock to the Snow Forts

Ye Olde Coffee Shop
• At the top left part of the shop, has buckets of Cream Soda, and one bag of Java beans
• A huge treasure chest
• An orange and pineapple on a bucket
• An Anchor
• On the chalkboard it says Avast Me Hearties, when you click it it changes to Coffee & Croissant and then click it one more time for Tea & Scones

Night Club
• A huge pirate flag behind the speakers
• Besides the flag are windows to a body of water
• Some kind of gold liquid is on both speakers, that has bubbles rise up
• Three buckets full of “items”
• A bucket full of Cream Soda

Snow Forts
• The snow forts are now Pirate Ships
• A dotted line form the Town to the Plaza

• The free item, a sailor’s hat (More details below)
• The big wooden puffle at the Pet Shop has a bandanna and red facial hair
• The Stage’s mask has a pirate hat on it
• The Pizza Parlor’s big wood Pizza has a pirate hat and eye patch on it
• A dotted line going up to the free item

The free item is an old one. It is a sailor’s hat, which came out the first time we had a pirates party. This is what one of the dotted lines lead up too.

The new Sports Catalog came out today and it is really sweet.

Snow and Sports – April 2008
1st/ 2nd Page
• Blue Baseball Uniform, Red Baseball Uniform, Red Ball Cap, Blue Ball Cap, and a Baseball Glove (with a ball in it)

Sports Furniture
• Baseball Base, Home Plate, and Cricket Wickets

Sorry no hidden items except the Silver Surfboard one.

The new pin came out today and it is at the Ski Village. To get it move your cursor over the X and the shovel will come and dig it out. This is what one of the dotted lines lead up to.



Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Play, Rockhopper’s Journal, and the New Pin

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The new stage came out today, and it is one of the best ever. The title is “Quest for the Golden Puffle.” The setup is exactly like the Indiana Jones’ movies (picture below). The play is about an explorer and his friends, who are also explorers, searching for a golden puffle. They run into many problems, until they finally get the golden puffle. At that time they meet a mummy. The mummy wants the golden puffle, and he keeps saying, “TUMMY!” King Ra-Ra says give him up. What the explorers don’t know is that the golden puffle is actually a chocolate puffle. They find that fact out and give it to the mummy, who then says, “YUMMY!” When you act out this play you first go up one side and snowball’s start throwing at you. Then, before you cross a bridge, it breaks. Now you have to use another bridge. Then you try to get the golden puffle. When you go up the stairs, you’ll notice a huge boulder going across the background. Then a couple seconds later, the boulder goes across the stage, so watch out! A video of what I explained is showing below. The costumes are also really cool. These are what they are:
  • Alaska’s Explorer Hat
  • Lasso
  • Sienna Explorer Outfit
  • Beige Explorer Outfit
  • Safari Hat (Was given out as a gift from Rockhopper on his first ever visit)
  • Supply Bag
  • Pharaoh Costume
  • Crook and Flail
  • Gold Bracelets
  • Pharaoh Headdress (Has a puffle on the top of it)
  • Mummy Costume
  • Adventure Costume (Non-members can purchase this)
This is definitely the best play yet.

Rockhopper’s Journal has been added to the book shelf in the Book Room. After the iceberg struck the Migrator, the journal was lost. However, during numerous searches, rescuers were able to find the journal. There is new writing in this one, about how Rockhopper and Yarr celebrated Christmas, and how Rockhopper spotted the iceberg. He was upset about not finding any treasure, when Yarr pointed the iceberg out to him. Rockhopper took a picture of the iceberg. You can read this by clicking Rockhopper’s Journal at my sidebar under the Catalogs/Books category.

The new pin came out today also. The new pin is a pyramid and it is at the Book Room, on the table in the bottom left corner.


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