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Friday, May 2, 2008

Penguin Style Catalog and Big Wigs Catalog

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I have to admit, this is the best Friday for Club Penguin ever! This is obviously the best Penguin Style catalog in either a long time or since Club Penguin started. Here is the clothing catalog:

Penguin Style

Page 1
• Dragon Costume

Page 2 & 3
• King’s Crown, Royal Robe, Queen’s Crown, Queen’s Dress
You can thank Rockhopper for the King’s Crown as seen in his Quarter’s

Page 4 & 5
• Knight’s Helmet, Knight Armor, 3 Tabards, and 3 Shields

Page 6
• Emerald Hat, Emerald Dress

Penguins at Work – Ye Olde Blacksmith
• Brown apron, when you dance with the apron on, you will start pounding on an anvil

In my opinion, this is the coolest dance ever.
Secret Items
• It is a Crystal Staff, and you click the left hand of the dragon

• It is a Woodsman’s Hat, and you click the Emerald Hat

• It is a Red and Blue Viking Helmet, and you click the right bow tie of the chocolate bunny, and you click and open it four times to get the Blue Viking Helmet

• It is a Green Snorkel, and you click the eyes of the admiral


There is also a secret note at the back of the catalog. What you do is on the back of the catalog, grab the “How do i get coins?” and drag down. Then you’ll see a note. Click the note and you’ll see this:

That means that our party on May 16, it will be midevil themed. Also, this is pretty cool to find a note back there.

Big Wigs

Page 1
• The Firestriker

Secret Items
• It is a Spikette, and you click the blue Spikester

Nice job Club Penguin!



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