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Friday, May 9, 2008

Old New Play and New Pin

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The old new play came out today (picture below). It is old because it has already been shown once, back in December. This is the second time Club Penguin has replayed a play. The title is “The Twelfth Fish.” Of course, a costume catalog has came out with it. Here are the items:
1st & 2nd Page
• Countess Steeple Hat, Countess Dress, Ruffle Collar, Bard Hat, and Bard Outfit

3rd & 4th Page
• Court Jester Hat, Court Jester, Fish Costume, and Yellow Flippers

5th Page
• Directors Hat and Twelfth Fish Background

The New Pin also came out today. It is a Goblet, obviously for the new Medieval party next week. You have to drag your cursor over the pin to make it fall and you can then get it



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