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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yuille Field

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I have made a new igloo, which I deemed the name, Yuille Field.



Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Post Cards and My New Igloo

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The new post cards came out on Friday. Sorry for not posting until now, but I went to the Michigan – Michigan State baseball game. Don’t get your hopes up of the new postcards, because there are only two. They added one for “Friendly Greetings,” and “Room Invitations.” The one for “Friendly Greetings” is for the Coffee Shop. It asks the person you send the invite to, to join you for tea in the Coffee Shop. The other one, which is in the “Room Invitations” category, is asking the person you send the invite to, to join you at the stage.

Also, on Friday the new Igloo Catalog and Furniture Catalog came out. As you know, I had found a leak and was able to post about it on Thursday. I have finally finished making my new igloo. I have always wanted to be able to go outside of my igloo, but be at home. They finally answered by prayers and have invented away to do so. I worked hard on how to design my igloo and found the perfect one. Not only this, but I showed you my important parts and labeled them.

1. Sharkey, my pet Shark
2. Konmi, my garden gnome
3. My garden
4. My barbecue, which I do all of my cookouts on
5. My big-screen TV, which is my only TV, and I put it outside so I can be outside
6. My picnic table, where I eat most of my meals, and where I serve my meals to guests
7. My favorite chair, where I sit to read, think, and more
8. My clock, which has a gold outline
9. Mullet, my greatest catch, he is the first big fish that I caught of his kind. I decided since he was my first I keep him alive and would take great care of him, which I do
10. Moosy, my favorite Moose. He has a condition where he only has a head. I adopted him and now I treat him well
11. Rawr, my piano playing bear
12. My treas er, I stole it from Aqua-Grabber, they won’t mind
13. Cake, which has candles that will never go out
14. My kitchen, where I do all of my cooking inside
15. Turty, my turtle
16. Parry, my parrot, you can see his brother Po, on my shoulder. He flies around outside all of the time and a lot of times visits
17. My puffles watering bowl

You can see the invitations on my sidebar, where the envelope is, and also the newspaper in my sidebar is now working.


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