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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Room Sneak Peek, Secret Quarter’s Note, and Mission #7 Award

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Billybob has gave us a sneak peek of the new room. At the start of April, he said that they would make a new room. It isn’t very often that we get a new room. This is going to be awesome. Here is the picture:

Billybob said that if we go on during the weekend (the time of the Rockhopper party) we will hear more about it. I think I know what it is. I think that it is Rockhopper’s Secret Quarters. Since there is no new thing coming out right now and it is already the 23rd, they would have to just give us a room. When the Stage came, it took them almost a month to build it, and right now they aren’t doing anything of making a room. Also, when Rockhopper comes and sees that we rebuilt his ship, he will be so touched that he will say that you guys can go see my Quarters. Plus, look at the picture. They show a railing and some of the stairs, which are made out of wood, the thing the Migrator is made out of. Also, it looks like the floor is just a piece of glass, so you can see the water. I am going to guess that they will release the new room a week from Friday.

 In other news, there is a new note on Rockhopper’s Secret Quarters. It has a telescope on it and it says look through the telescope to see Rockhopper. Also, one of the gifts that you got from the mission does something more. When you click on the body of the fish or any other part on the grey circle, it will open up into a clock. The thing that they give you is a pocket watch. However, it gives you the time that you have, not PST. 



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