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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Club Penguin’s New Site

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Since Rockhopper’s return, Club Penguin added the Migrator to their home page. When you click on the area below the flag, Yarr will pop out and look through a telescope Here is what it looks like:


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Penguin Times Issue #130, the Migrator, and Flares

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Penguin Times Issue #130

Ready Reporters Readily Requested
  • Aunt Arctic wants penguins to do reporting
  • Penguins can now send in tips for In Focus and the new Reviewed by You
  • Reviewed by You is when you write about a subject
  • Articles must be 50 – 75 words and be edited for spelling and grammar
  • This week is the latest Penguin Style catalog
In the Spotlight
  • During the Team Blue’s Rally Debut, a penguin and her friends sang at stage
  • One penguin likes judging because he can’t sing very well
  • Penguins like dressing up in silly combinations
  • You can do anything at the stage for poetry to snowball fights
  • A new play is released tomorrow
Migrator is Ship Shape
  • Blasts of orange and red light seen from the Beacon since early Thursday morning
  • G has said that the blasts are to get Rockhopper to Club Penguin
  • Everybody is invited to click on the flares (located at the beach) to get Rockhopper’s attention
  • Below is a video of what the flares look like
• Look in the telescope for Rockhopper and Yarr
  • In G’s pocket is a note, and it says “To unlock this file turn all puffles black.” The note is from Herbert P.  Bear, the one from the missions, below is a picture of the note
In Focus – Pizza Parlor
• Penguins wearing a chef’s hat can flip pizza
• To get a job ask manager, who is behind the front desk
• Go to the kitchen to make your own pizzas
• By flipping a switch, you can make candy pizzas
Ask Aunt Arctic
What is the Mine for?
The Mine is there because they had traces of gold, our current currency. Now, however, the mine is only for penguins at Cart Surfer.
Which team do you (Aunt Arctic) root for, Red or Blue?
I (Aunt Arctic) likes the color green the most, and likes the Red and Blue team the same.
Tips and Secrets – Special Dances
• Some attires bring special dances.
• To do these dances, you have to wear only that attire
Rebuild the Migrator!
• Add pieces of the Migrator to make it one again
Upcoming Events
• April 11: New play at Stage, New pin added, Rockhopper’s Journal
• April 18: New furniture catalog
• April 25: New Sports Catalog, New pin added

The Migrator has finally been completed. The Deck has been completely cleaned, and the Ship Hold has been also added back and is completely clean. Sorry no items, and also the Secret Quarters is still locked. The Repair Team could not find the key (picture below). As I mentioned in the paper, there are flares at the beach. These flares are supposed to get Rockhopper’s attention so he comes back to get his ship. I will report on the new play, Rockhopper’s Journal, and the new pin tomorrow.


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