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Friday, May 16, 2008

May’s Medieval Party

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The new Medieval party came out today, and it is awesome! They decorated all of the rooms, except for a few. Here are description of what each room looks like. Remember, if you click the name, you can see what the room looks actually looks like.

• It is the top of a castle
• The Jet Pack Adventure game is renamed Wizard’s Flying Machine
• In the middle is a huge bond fire, and when you click on the wood, it will raise and the fire will get bigger. If you don’t do anything for a while, it will lower

• It is the middle of the castle
• It is a potion room
• There is a carpet with stars on it from the stairs to the top of the castle

• The Lighthouse is a castle
• There are crystals all around the castle

Ski Village
• There is a castle with a mean expressing on its face to go up to the Ski Mountain
• There is a creek (you can walk on it) going across the Village
• There is a bridge over the creek
• The Ski Lodge is a princess’ castle
• The Sports Shop is now a barn

Ski Mountain
• The room from below comes up and ends before the runs
• The carpet also goes all the way up to the end
• There is a fortune mirror on the wall, where if you put your cursor over it, it will say a response

Ski Lodge
• It is a princess castle
• The moose is pink with earrings, fancy glasses, and a crown
• A rose carpet is going up to the Ice Fishing door
• There is a teapot set up
• Mullet is gone and a mirror is there
• There is a spiral case up to the Attic

Lodge Attic
• There is stained glass windows
• There are three fountains in a rectangular pool
• The rocking hoarse is moved and it is near the spiral stairs to the Ski Lodge

• The free item, a Squire Tunic, is at the bottom of the dock
• There is a traveling blacksmith and fruit sooner type thing
• If you pit your cursor over the wheel by the Tunics, the wheel will move

• The Coffee Shop is once again renamed Ye Olde Coffee, just like last party
• The Night Club is now a castle and renamed Knight Club
• The Gift Shoppe is renamed Gift Shoppe and it is also a castle

Ye Olde Coffee
• There is a added fireplace on the left, with a painting of a yellow king
• There are two picnic tables
• You can have Orange Juice, Coffee, or Cream Soda out of buckets
• The Book Room is renamed Ye Olden Library
• There is a chandler with only one lit candle and four burned out candles

Knight Club
• The dance floor is a checkerboard
• All of the speakers are shaped into castles
• There is a red carpet going up to the Dance Lounge

Dance Lounge
• The red carpet goes up to two royal chairs
• There is a balcony looking out, you can see the see house and the Ski Mountain
• There is a jester ring
• There are portraits of a Court Jester and a Court Quester
• This was the place for the first sneak peak
• The games are called Ye Royal Arcades

Snow Forts
• There are three castles, red, orange, and purple, just like in the story in the newspaper
• There are three different types of shooting machines throwing snowballs
• The Clock is now a wooden clock
• The Ice Rink is renamed Ye Arena

Ye Arena
• There are stands all around the arena
• There are two chairs for the royal king and queen
• There are places for darts, bows and arrows, or snowballs

• The Pet Shop is a barn
• The Pizza Parlor is a castle
• The entrance into the Cave is gone

Pet Shop
• It is now a barn
• It has three stables
• If you move your cursor over the puffle dish, it will put food in the long wooden dish
• The black sleeping puffle is on the wall between the first and second stable

Pizza Parlor
• There is a huge round table full of pizza
• There is a kings chair
• There is a harp in the side of the room
• There are two penguin statues

• There are two trees and they both lead to a tree house

Tree House
• On the first tree, there is a roof over a room
• There are a three wood bridge to the next tree platform
• On the second tree there is a bull’s eye, and if you hit it a green or black puffle will come out

• There is a 12th Fish at the Cove
• There is logs for seats
• The script is there

Mine Shack
• The shack to go into the Mine is a rock instead of a house
• There is gold all around with carts full of gold
• There are signs saying Princesses Welcome! and No Knights
• There is a sign saying Beware of Dragon
I find it funny it saws beware of dragon and then welcome princesses.

• There is a huge red dragon there
• The Switchbox 300 is there to control the dragon
• The far left switch is to make him blink, the second switch is to make him raise or lower his arms, the top left button makes him breathe fire, the bottom button makes him start flapping his wings, the top left button makes him flap his tail, the blue switch on the right makes him roll his eyes, the pink switch on the right makes him snort smoke, and the blue switch on the far right makes him snort fire

• It is full of gold and cups and hats
• There is a top hat there
• There is a sign that says Don’t Touch! (nobody is listening to it)

Boiler Room
• There is a fire place on the left
• They call i the Smithy
• There is a board sign that says Beware of Ye Dragon

Nice job Club Penguin!
In case you are wondering, this post is 1087 words.



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