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Monday, April 28, 2008

Two New Rooms and The Stage with Wrong Title

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The key was hidden today, but that isn’t what I am going to lead off with. I am going to lead off with the Crow’s Nest (seen below). It is another room, which is really cool. When you go to the Ship, you can see on the mast an arrow pointing up. When you drag your cursor over it, a rope ladder will fall down so you can go up. Here is what it looks like:

Crow’s Nest
• A snowball bomb (as seen at the Snow Forts during the Arr-ival Parr-ty)
• A flag with a part of it missing flying
• A bucket full of powder
• Some snow ball bombs
Now, lets get to that key. It wasn’t hard at all to find as long as you look at the Pirate Riddle (seen below) given by Rockhopper. It tells you exactly that it is in his Journal, at the Book Room. It is at the very end, behind his new writing. You can also wear the key as a pin. You can see the key and the new writing by clicking here. The Captain’s Quarters (picture below) is awesome. Here what is in it:
• A new game called Treasure Hunt along with notes of how to play it(More information below)
• A Notice Board (More information below)
• A desk with notes and a map on it
• A big picture of Rockhopper and Yarr
It is a very nice room. It will get even better when the popularity dies down a little and it isn’t crowded. The game Treasure Hunt is a fun game. It is multi-player, but unlike any other multi-player game, you are working together with player 2. You each have your own row to dig. Each player has 6 digs. When you dig, when your lines intersect, you have dug enough to collect coins. A coin equals one coin, a gem equals 25 coins, and a rare emerald will get you the emerald bonus, which equals 100 coins. Look for the flashes, that is where some treasure might be. You can see the rules here. As I said earlier, there is a cool Notice Board in the middle of the room. I am guessing that every time he visits there will be a different message. This time it has three pictures; Rockhopper talking with G about the Aqua Grabber, Rockhopper looking with amazement at his ship, and Yarr on the top part of the ship. Along with that is a note of Rockhopper thanking us. You can see the message board by clicking the picture:

Here are some pictures of the things I listed above:

Now as I said it the title, the Stage has the wrong title. What I mean is if you go to the Plaza, you see the stage say that the play is Team Blue’s Rally Debut. That play was the play two plays ago. When you go into the stage, you can see that it is still the The Quest for the Golden Puffle. Here is a picture of it:



Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Penguin Times Issue #132 and Rockhopper Hits Ground Early!

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Today is a great day for all of you penguins. Let me start first with Rockhopper. Being scheduled to come ashore on Friday, I just thought that today would be all about the paper. However, Rockhopper made full speed ahead to mega full speed ahead and landed today. He only brought two items with him, but these were the best items he has ever brought. The one you buy is a rare flower pot. I know what your thinking, how is that good? Fortuneatly the second item (the free item) was a sweet Red and Black Sailor Shirt. He brought once a White and Black Sailor Shirt, but this is much cooler. Now, on this Rockhopper high, lets talk about the paper where the first article just gets better.

The Penguin Times

Rockhopper’s Grand Return
• This article is not an article. It is a letter by Rockhopper!
• Here is what he wrote:
 Ahoy Landlubbers ! I be happy to see the mighty Migrator in one piece. I thought she were gone for good! Aye, she be a beaut an’ to thank all ye for your hard work I have something special in me mind! I know all ye be curious about me quarters. Tho’ it be me place for thinkin’ n’ countin’ me treasure, ye all have proved yourselves a trustworthy crew by fixin’ me ship. So come Monday, I be welcoming all ye fine fellows into me Captain’s Quarters. Arrr, but I be plannin’ a little fun first! Me quarter’s be locked, as ye know, and to open the door ye be needin’ me key. I’ll be hiding me key somewhere on this island on April 28! Ye can search for it then. Yo ho ho! Cap’n Rockhopper
This all means that come Monday, we are going to have a scavenger hunt. I have always been wanting to go into the Quarter’s since I first saw it in February 2007. Now I can finally go in, and the best part it’s a scavenger hunt. Ye be goin’ to have a jolly good ol’ time.
Rockhopper Recaps Journey
“Argh, for days we were adrift on the wide, wide sea.”
“I got back t’ Rockhopper Island an’ figured if I were to rebuild me Migrator, supplies be needed. All I found was a motor. So I fixed it to me rowboat to get back quicker.”
“Yarr saw the flares and we figured you was tryin’ t’ tell me somethin’. I was overjoyed t’ see the Migrator was in ship shape, yar!”
Public Service Announcement
• For the first time ever in Club Penguin history, PSA has issued a public statement
• Rookie, from Mission 2 and 7 issued the statement
• They had good news and bad news, the Clock Tower is fixed, but the bad news is we think it was broken on purpose
• This is what they said:
For months the PSA has been investigating a series of unexplained events, including the avalanche that closed the Ski Hill in July of 2007. Along with the broken Clock Tower, evidence suggests these events were not accidents. “The Director of the PSA has released this statement: Citizens should not be alarmed. The clock is fixed, and our top agents are in the field, investigating. The safety of Club Penguin is, as always, our top priority.”
Remember, this is for the non agents who don’t know what is going on
Writer’s Needed!
• The Snowball Pres is looking for new stories
• They want us penguins to enter in the second annual Book Room Writing Contest!
• Here are the story topics:
The best party surprise I’ve ever seen…
The secret mission no one could know about…
The day my puffle went on an adventure…
• Here are the details/ rules/ and entries will be judged on:
♦ Write a story using one of the topics below.
♦ Submit it using the button in next week’s newspaper
♦ Submissions will be accepted May 1 to May 8
♦ Submissions must be 200-5000 words
♦ They must be original
♦ They must take place in Club Penguin
♦ Imagination
♦ Creative use of Club Penguin places, items, games, etc.
♦ Spelling, grammar and punctuation
I will be try8ng this year to win the contest.
In Focus – Ski Village and Mountain
•The Mountain is only decorated for very special occasions. Sometimes you can ever see fireworks here too!
• Wear your Ski Patrol uniform to rescue penguins from the mountain. Just give a wave to show your sign
• Stop your tour group from getting lost by sending them a postcard. It’s an easy way to invite penguins to rooms you want them to visit, without them going missing on the way there
• Use your arrow keys to move left or right along the course. Look ahead to dodge boulders, use ramps to jump and check out where your fellow racers are. Ice patches will give your sled a boost. You’ll be winning in no time!
Baseball Bargains Can’t Be Beat
• The Sport Shop will be having a baseball theme opened tomorrow
The reason they are doing baseball is because the baseball season just started. Go Yankees! This is awesome because I wanted this for a while.
Rockhopper and Yarr’s Arr-ival Parr-ty!
• Preparing Penguins have Proclaimed a Pirate Party tomorrow
This is going to be one of the best parties ever.
Ask Aunt Arctic
– Can you get 50 coins when reading My Puffle?
You can get more than 50 coins because of these high-tech storybooks
– Pet tornado, how is it possible?
When the black puffle dances, he makes a puffle.
Tips and Secrets – Hidden Things in the Newspaper by Elrel
• In the Newspaper when your arrow cursor changes to a hand, it means there is a link.
• If you click around, you’ll find very cool things
Reviewed by You – Save the Migrator Campaign by Spazmo 100
• Everyone is excited that Rockhopper is so close with u
• They asked a penguin and they told them that they were so worried Rockhopper wouldn’t see the fireworks, so he sent them up 12 times
• Nobody can wait until they see Rockhopper’s reaction to his rebuilt ship
Upcoming Events
April 25
» Rockhopper and Yarr’s Arr-ival Parr-ty
» New pin hidden
» New sports catalog
May 2
» New Clothing catalog
» New wig catalog
May 9
» New pin hidden

You can see this week’s newspaper on the sidebar.


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