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Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Furniture and Igloo Catalogs Leaked Early, Mission #7 Update

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I was able to find a never seen before issue of the Club Penguin’s Furniture and Igloo Catalog. Here is your special sneak peek of both catalogs.

Furniture Catalog

• Ficus Plant, Snake Grass, House Plant Small, House Plant Large, and Flower Planter

Grow Your Own Garden!
• Wheelbarrow, Penguin Lawn Gnome, Picket Fence, Vegetable Garden

• Security Camera

Secret Items
• It is a palm tree, click the palm tree in the title “Plants!”

• It is a cake, and you click the refrigerator

• It is a big-screen TV, and you click the LCD television

Igloo Catalog

Igloo Flooring:
• Phony-Lawn

• Backyard Igloo

I am definitely going to buy this igloo when it comes out tomorrow. This is the best thing that Club Penguin has ever done! I love this! I love how now you can go outside and not just stay inside the igloo. Club Penguin, give yourself a huge round of applause and pat on the back.

In the HQ, on the chalkboard is the message, “GET READY AGENTS! TIME TO INVESTIGATE” This is obviosuly tied to Mission #7, which should be released any day now. Also it is talking about investigating the recently broken Clock Tower.

Update: You can click the images on the sidebar to see the catalogs.



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