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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Penguin Post Issue #135

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The Penguin Times

And Now, the Final Chapter of Our Story…
• They finished the story from last week’s paper
• Here is the end of the story:
Putting on the armor, and armed with their trusty shields, the three brave penguin knights journeyed into the Underground where they heard the growling noise again, louder than before. “Who goes there?” asked the orange knight. “Who goes there?” asked the purple knight. “Hey! Anyone home?” asked the green knight. Just then a dragon flew out of the darkness. The knights gasped! “Hey guys,” the dragon said, holding its belly. “Do you know where I can get some food? I’m starving!” “You know, I’m hungry too,” said the orange knight. “We should throw a feast,” said the purple knight. “Hey! Let’s throw a whole party!” said the green knight. And so it was the three knights threw a great party, where there were games and music and feasts galore!
• The Medieval Party goes from May 16 – 21
Ye Olde Igloo Contest
• In celebration of Club Penguin’s first medieval party, an igloo decorating contest is herby proclaimed.
• Ten winners will be selected by their noble judges
• The contest shall begin on May 23
• Winners announced on May 29
• 10,000 coins rewarded
I am going to make my igloo so I will have a chance to win. Unfortuntly, I have no chance because I have already won a contest once before.
Judging in Progress
• Judges are hard at work selecting Th top three winning stories
• The winning stories will be published in the Book Room at the end of the month.
• One judge said that a lot of pdpenguins submit their stories to us
• The judge also added that there are a lot of great stories
In Focus – The Stage
• Different costumes are released every time a play is on at the Stage
• Gary the Gadget Guy invented the Switchbox 3000 to make the Stage come to life with lighting and sound effects
• Get together with a few friends at the Stage to act out the play together. Buy a costume, or change into something you can run about in. Click on the script and take it in turns to say your lines
• Showing your tour group an activity they can join in with is a great way to end a tour
There is an ad for the May 23 Puffle Furniture catalog
Ask Aunt Arctic
What is up with these ‘rare’ pots Rockhopper sold us?
I had my doubts too when I first discovered this strangely labeled pottery in Rockhopper’s catalog. It seems normal, but then I looked and I was surprised. Take a look at yours.
This is rare because the plant is growing. If you take the one you bought out, you will see that it has sprouted.
How do you catch the silver fish?
You need to buy the special lures from the Sport Shop
I never found Rockhopper’s key, where is it?
Rockhopper left the key with another one of his belongings here on the island
Tips and Secrets – Tips for Cart Surfer by: Linkisme
• The best move is Down arrow = the space bar.
• When you crash 3 times, you get more chance at points
• Also slide around the bends (down = sideways)
My biggest score was 5420 points which was 542 coins, you can see this by clicking the Cart on the Top Score/How To category.
Reviewed by You – Favorite Party by: 1996 Iceberg
• My favorite absolute party was April Fools
• The best thing was that the Forest was upside down
The Dragon’s Secret
• You can add words together to make a funny message
Upcoming Events
May 16
» Medieval Party – The adventures begins!
May 23
» New furniture catalog
» New pet catalog
» Medieval Igloo Contest starts
» New pin hidden
May 30
» Book Contest winner announced



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