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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Penguin Times Issue #133

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The Penguin Times

Boat Sweet Boat
• Excited penguins have been discussing the opening of Rockhopper’s quarters
• You’ll be pleased to see when you go to the quarters
• Rockhopper has done wonders with photos from his travels, palm trees, and a mini beach for Yarr
• There’s treasure to found too
• You can only see it when you find the key, which is somewheres on the island
Wig Wearers Wanted
• On May 2 a new wig catalog is coming out
Rockhopper Departs May 5
• Rockhopper told the Club Penguin Times today about his upcoming departure
• He’s very sad to go, but he’s eager to take the Migrator out
• He will return in June
May 9 at The Stage Bird Bards at the Beach
• On May 9, the Stage will bring back “Twelfth Fish”
• The Stage has a slightly different idea this time
• A penguin said that older plays are good because they can be performed anywhere
In Focus – The Forest
• Buy a Silver Surfboard for 8000 coins and take it surfing. You’ll go faster, higher, and more tricks. It is hidden in the catalog – can you find it?
• Giving a tour is a great way to make new penguins feel welcome
• Move your mouse behind your board to shoot the tube and click the left mouse button to balance if you start to fall over. Use your arrow keys to do cool tricks. Move your mouse up and down in front of your board to gain speed, and point it above the wave to go up into the air. Then you can move your mouse clockwise to whirl above the waves.
Ask Aunt Arctic
Who is Rockhopper?
Rockhopper is Club Penguin’s favorite pirate. He comes every couple of months and he loves to party and loves to give away treasures.

How do I get a camera?
It was a prop at a stage that is not out right now. When they replay the play, you will be able to get one.
Tips and Secrets – Earning Coins by: 2winz
• The best way to get coins is the cart game by the Mine
• You can get up to 100-300 coins
• Keep on pressing space bar if there are no turns or press arrows ant the same time
• On the sidebar, under the Top Score/How To category, you can see my video for my high score for Cart Surfer, which is 542 coins
Reviewed by You – Legend of the Golden Puffle by: Bloom268781
• Best thing about this play were the special effects
• The costumes are soooooooo egypt-errific!
• The music was a bit spooky, and it gave me the creeps
Puzzles: Bonus Puzzle
• You can find 10 words in a word search
• The words are:
♦ Yarr
♦ Helm
♦ Mast
♦ Avast
♦ Anchor
♦ Pirate
♦ Pirate
♦ Treasure
♦ Migrator
♦ Rockhopper
♦ Hearties
• You can see the answers at the bottom of the post
Upcoming Events
May 2
» New clothing catalog
» New wig catalogYuille38
May 9
» New pin hidden
» ‘Twelfth Fish’ Stage Encore
May 23
» New furniture catalog
» New pet furniture catalog
» New pin hidden
Here is the How To for the word search in the paper:



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