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Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Play, Rockhopper’s Journal, and the New Pin

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The new stage came out today, and it is one of the best ever. The title is “Quest for the Golden Puffle.” The setup is exactly like the Indiana Jones’ movies (picture below). The play is about an explorer and his friends, who are also explorers, searching for a golden puffle. They run into many problems, until they finally get the golden puffle. At that time they meet a mummy. The mummy wants the golden puffle, and he keeps saying, “TUMMY!” King Ra-Ra says give him up. What the explorers don’t know is that the golden puffle is actually a chocolate puffle. They find that fact out and give it to the mummy, who then says, “YUMMY!” When you act out this play you first go up one side and snowball’s start throwing at you. Then, before you cross a bridge, it breaks. Now you have to use another bridge. Then you try to get the golden puffle. When you go up the stairs, you’ll notice a huge boulder going across the background. Then a couple seconds later, the boulder goes across the stage, so watch out! A video of what I explained is showing below. The costumes are also really cool. These are what they are:
  • Alaska’s Explorer Hat
  • Lasso
  • Sienna Explorer Outfit
  • Beige Explorer Outfit
  • Safari Hat (Was given out as a gift from Rockhopper on his first ever visit)
  • Supply Bag
  • Pharaoh Costume
  • Crook and Flail
  • Gold Bracelets
  • Pharaoh Headdress (Has a puffle on the top of it)
  • Mummy Costume
  • Adventure Costume (Non-members can purchase this)
This is definitely the best play yet.

Rockhopper’s Journal has been added to the book shelf in the Book Room. After the iceberg struck the Migrator, the journal was lost. However, during numerous searches, rescuers were able to find the journal. There is new writing in this one, about how Rockhopper and Yarr celebrated Christmas, and how Rockhopper spotted the iceberg. He was upset about not finding any treasure, when Yarr pointed the iceberg out to him. Rockhopper took a picture of the iceberg. You can read this by clicking Rockhopper’s Journal at my sidebar under the Catalogs/Books category.

The new pin came out today also. The new pin is a pyramid and it is at the Book Room, on the table in the bottom left corner.



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